New member of the team at Mancini Legal

Mancini Legal is very pleased to announce the arrival of a new Solicitor, Sean Burton, to their team.

Mr Burton said: “I found myself looking for a new challenge at the beginning of the year. I intended to offer work to a range of local businesses in the Kent area on a consultancy basis.

“This indirectly led me to the doors of Mancini Legal, and to Alessandro Mancini, who had ambitions to expand his already successful Horsham practice into other areas.

“Initial discussions took place and it soon became apparent that there was a great opportunity with Mancini Legal to help grow the business into a new geographical area and to gain invaluable experience in how a successful law practice operates.”

When asked what happened to the other businesses that he had intended to work with, Mr Burton replied: “Working with Mancini Legal keeps me so busy that I simply haven’t had the time to visit any other businesses.With the much anticipated expansion of Mancini Legal into Kent, it made sense for me to commit solely and exclusively to Mancini Legal.”

Mr Burton completed an honours degree in Law at the University of Hertfordshire before going on to complete the Legal Practice Course, a postgraduate diploma, at the University of Bristol. He has always worked in the legal sector alongside his studies.

When discussing his legal experience, Mr Burton explained: “I’ve worked for two large Legal 500 firms in the past, both with a national presence.

“I completed my training contract with a mid-sized firm in North London, which covered most legal disciplines. I have acted for both Claimants and Defendants in litigation and this gives me a unique perspective when advising clients.

I have experience in most areas of legal practice but I developed a special interest in civil litigation, personal injury, and medical negligence early in my career.

“I have over 14 years of experience in civil litigation and over 12 years of experience in personal injury and medical negligence. My special interests now include employment law and professional negligence.

When asked for examples of the different types of injury cases he has dealt with, Mr Burton replied: “I’ve covered a whole range of accident types including road
accidents, accidents at work, trips and slips, occupiers liability, medical negligence, and Animals Act cases.”

When asked if any individual case stuck in his mind, Mr Burton thoughtfully answered: “The highlight of my career was probably when I acted for a gentleman whose motorcycle had slipped on a diesel spillage and hit the curb, catapulting both motorcycle and rider into the air. The rider hit a streetlamp and the motorcycle hit the rider a couple of milliseconds later, sandwiching him to the streetlamp, and causing him serious injury from which he narrowly escaped with his life.

“There was a lot of work involved in tracking down the vehicle that had caused the spillage and getting the rider into intensive rehabilitation once the hospital had discharged him.

“Thankfully, within 6 months, I had secured an admission of liability on his behalf; he had made a miraculous recovery and was back at work.” Mr Burton talks more about the future of the business in next week’s article and is now available for appointments in Horsham, Crawley, and Kings Hill between the hours of 7am and 10pm by prior arrangement. He can be contacted on 01622 231065 or at

To find out more about Mancini Legal visit, call on 01403 788377 or stop by the office at Suite 225, 2nd Floor Afon Building, Worthing Road, Horsham.

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