Mancini Legal’s vision for the future

Last week, we met Sean Burton, a new addition to the team at Mancini Legal. This week he talks about how his arrival coincides with the growth of the business from its deep roots in Horsham.

When asked what the immediate plans are, Mr Burton explained: “This is an exciting time for the business. Mr Mancini has already consolidated his operation in Sussex. I will be responsible for the expansion plans in Kent. We have already secured an office in a prestigious Kent location, the lovely Kings Hill development near West Malling. We will be offering a wide range of legal services to the general public and local businesses alike.

“Our focus will remain on client care and customer service, which continues to be the backbone of the firm. Our aim is to build upon the foundation already set down by Mancini Legal in Horsham and we intend to stay loyal to the place where it all started.

“Early indications are that the Kent office will fill a gap in the market for individuals and businesses seeking that extra level of personal service when it comes to seeking legal advice. We are a committed team with a caring touch, providing legal services for busy people at their convenience.

When asked what lies ahead for the future of the business, Mr Burton said: “We have already identified other geographical areas into which we feel our style will snugly fit. We intend to replicate the success of our Horsham office in each location.

“We are already in discussions with key individuals in each location who we feel are more than capable of helping us to achieve our goals. In return for their commitment, we guarantee to develop them because we feel it is important for members of our team to feel valued.

“In the future, we think that individuals and businesses alike will want to build long lasting relationships with personable, friendly, and caring local lawyers. This is the core of our business plan. Whilst we do not disguise that we intend to capture a large geographical area with the expansion of more local offices wherever a gap in the market exists, we will continue to concentrate and focus upon client care and customer service, ensuring that there are key individuals in each location who are approachable, trustworthy, and professional.

“We will become your local national solicitors. To that end, we have already signed an agreement with one of our marketing partners, which will raise our profile on a national level. We are also working with another of our partners to increase our online presence. We intend to run a series of articles locally to help people to understand different legal areas. A lot will be happening over the coming months, so watch this space.”

Sean Burton is available for appointments in Horsham, Crawley, and Kings Hill between the hours of 7am and 10pm by prior arrangement. He can be contacted on 01622 231065 or at sean.burton@mancini

To find out more about Mancini Legal please visit, call on 01403 788377 or stop by the office at Suite 225, 2nd Floor Afon Building, Worthing Road, Horsham. The new Kent office will launch on Monday, April 1.

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