Councillor pays visit to school

Pupils from The Forest School were given the opportunity to speak with Councillor Crosbie, Chairman of the Horsham District Council when he visited the school recently. The pupils asked questions relating to local and national issues and had the opportunity to hear about life as a District Councillor.

“Councillor Crosbie was kind enough to write and congratulate me on our recent excellent OfSTED report”, said Siobhan Denning, Headteacher. “On the strength of his letter, I invited him into the school and he was delighted to accept my invitation.”

Year 11 pupil Lewis Lathey, who chairs the school Pupil Senior Leadership Team said “Speaking with Councillor Crosbie has given me a real insight into his role in the community and has inspired me to look into possible careers in politics”.

In response to a question posed by a Year 7 pupil Ian Paku, on his perception of the performance of schools in the Horsham area, Councillor Crosbie responded that he was delighted with the results achieved by The Forest School and had been very impressed with what he had seen at the school during his visit.

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