School helps out former pupils hit by exam fiasco

Forest school teachers have gone the extra mile to ensure that pupils caught up in last summer’s exams fiasco finally get the results that they deserved.

Headteacher Siobhan Denning said: “Unfortunately a number of our pupils were affected by the changing of the grade boundaries that occurred between the January and June GCSE exams last year.

“We felt very strongly that these pupils had been unfairly penalised and had not been awarded the grades that they deserved based on their exam performance.”

When it became clear that the exam boards were not going to alter their decision teachers at the school took the matter into their own hands to ensure the injustice was put right.

Team Leader for Maths, Mark Sanderson, said: “We contacted all the boys who had been affected and offered them the opportunity to re-sit the exams with us.  Whilst the boys were no longer pupils at the school we felt so strongly that they had been let down by the system we wanted to do what we could to put things right.”

Out of the 15 pupils who re-took their Maths exam, 12 were awarded a C Grade in line with their original predicted grades and all pupils went up one grade, with some boys seeing a rise of two grades.  8 out of 12 pupils who re-took their English papers saw their grade improve to a C Grade, also in line with the original predictions.

Su Rodericks, Team Leader for English said: “I am so pleased that we were able to offer these boys the opportunity to get the grades that they deserved.”

Staff from both subjects came in during the October half-term to run revision and preparation classes to ensure the boys were ready to re-sit the papers.

Ms Denning said: “Last summer’s exams fiasco caused a huge amount of public and political debate that amounted to very little; young people were let down by the system, a failure to achieve a C Grade in English or Maths would have had a profound impact on the rest of their lives.

I am so pleased that with the help of the fantastic staff here at Forest we were able to ensure that our pupils finally got the grades they deserved and that they can now move on to pursue their future aspirations.”

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