Pub chef training hard ahead of ride to Brussels to fundraise for Help for Heroes

A local chef at The Black Jug, Horsham, is undertaking a 394 mile cycle ride from London to Brussels via Amsterdam.

Owen Currie, from Horsham, is aiming to raise £1500 for the charity Help for Heroes.

Mr Currie told The District Post: “I leave on Wednesday, May 29, and finish four days later. I need to cycle 100 miles a day; it will be about seven to eight hour a day of cycling.

“I really enjoy cycling and back in 2010 I took part in the London to Paris cycle. I thought I’d take on another charity challenge, and this time I wanted to go even further. Because my route goes through Amsterdam, it makes it a much longer ride.”

Mr Currie’s route in the UK takes him through Kent, up to Harwich, Essex where he will take the overnight ferry to Holland. He will then travel to Amsterdam, then spend the  following day cycling to Belgium, then he will spend the last day cycling into Brussels.

Mr Currie said: “I’m doing the cycle as my cousin was in the army, he was on his last tour in Afghanistan and a bomb went off and he lost his hearing. Help for Heroes helped him and paid for his cochlear implants.

“I also have a few friends in the army, and both my grandfathers were in World War Two. Everyone has been really supportive, I’m getting a bit of time off to train, and everyone has been donating money.

“I started my training in November and I’m trying to cycle as much as possible, but due to the weather it’s been difficult, fortunately I have a turbo trainer that I use and I go swimming.

“I train two or three times a week. Distances vary, on some days I do 45 miles and on others I do 30, the length of the route really depends on the route I take.

“If I prepare well, it should be quite enjoyable, it won’t be easy though as it’s very windy this time of year in Belgium and the ground will be very flat.

“Help for Heroes are really happy I’m doing it for them and they are supporting me with training plans and coming up with other fundraising ideas. I’m currently trying to get into supermarkets to collect more money”.

If you would like to sponsor Owen, you can donate on his charity page at

There will also be collection buckets in The Black Jug and you can email Owen on for more information and to make a donation.

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