Pilot held for ‘Dragons’ Den’ Mocktail project

Students in Billingshurst impressed a panel of judges with their original and exciting Mocktail recipes at a pilot for a new initiative where the students learned about safe, responsible alcohol use and improved key employability comments.

The project, which is one of 10 national pilots, has been developed by Horsham District Council, Sussex Central YMCA’s Young Person’s Alcohol Adviser and Horsham Matters.

It has, and continues to bring together new partners, especially those from education, business, industry and retail sectors, in engaging children and young people in alcohol education and intervention.

The aim of the Dragons’ Den Mocktail project is for students to develop their own original, exciting and appetising Mocktails, an alternative to alcoholic beverages, within their teams.

Students at The Weald School in Billingshurst got the chance to learn about safe and responsible alcohol use as well as develop key employability skills as they develop their original Mocktail design and then pitched it to a panel of Dragons’ Den style judges.

Asked what was the most enjoyable part of the day, one teacher said: “Seeing students work successfully as a team.”

Ian Matthews, Manager of B52’s Bar in Horsham, which is supporting the project, said: “B52’s was delighted to be involved in this fantastic project at the Weald. We are looking forward to offering our support to this project as it develops across the Horsham District.”

An interactive alcohol quiz with the Horsham District’s Alcohol Intervention Specialist, highlighting the benefits of safe and responsible alcohol use, was also run during the event.

Teams elected a Project Manager and then assigned other roles, such as cocktail makers, design and branding leads, costing and finance leads, marketing and presentation leads, to other team members.

Teams designed their original Mocktail, deciding the ingredients to use, a product name and branding and calculating the costs, and they then delivered a presentation about their product to a panel of judges.

The winning team that created the Mocktail considered to be the most successful by the panel of judges was invited to an inter-school competition on Wednesday, July 10, at South Lodge Hotel in Horsham.

This team will compete with other teams of students from other Horsham District secondary schools for the chance to win prizes, as well as have their original design made available for sale in the Horsham District.

The next school event is at Forest Boys School in Horsham on Wednesday, March 13, 2013.

Funding for this project came from the Department for Communities and Local Government as well as West Sussex County Council.

For more information call 01403 211833 or email mocktails@horsham

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