Our meetings show how inquisitive the people in our district really are

By Simon Clare

Since starting in 2011, Horsham Skeptics in the Pub has blossomed into rather a splendid example of what an inquisitive town Horsham is. Lately we have presented fascinating talks and discussions on consciousness and on the philosophy behind humanism. In March we will cover conspiracy theories and April’s talk is an optimist’s tour of the future.

Horsham demonstrated its appetite for intellectual stimulation when tickets for one of our February shows sold out within 48 hours. We are hosting Dr Brooke Magnanti who is perhaps best known as the writer behind the Belle de Jour books, which spawned the Secret Diary of a Call Girl TV series. Dr Magnanti is promoting the paperback release of her latest book The Sex Myth, which scientifically dissects our preconceptions about many aspects of sex and the sex industry. I can’t wait to welcome her to the Tanner’s Arms and introduce our lovely audience to her.

Surprisingly, the town’s solitary bookshop was not interested in hosting this bestselling author for a book signing session but the Crawley branch was very excited indeed. Dr Magnanti will be signing books at Crawley’s Waterstones before her talk on Sunday.

If you did not manage to get a ticket for this event, I hope we can console you by putting on a free event the very next day, Monday, February, 11.

As a thank you to Horsham for giving us such support, we are putting on three speakers instead of the usual one; two of which live in Horsham. Admission is free though we will be raising some money for a local charity, the Phoenix Stroke Club.

This group works with people who have suffered from stroke and other neurological disorders; work that does so much to help these people recover from these indiscriminate and devastating conditions.

We usually put on one talk every month, on as broad a range of subjects as you can imagine. Our guest speakers don’t get paid except for expenses which we try to cover by asking for £2 from each of our audience members.

I am always very keen to entice new people along as we are a very friendly bunch. New people are often surprised at how many different views are expressed during the question and answer sessions. If there are any subjects or speakers you are interested in, just let me know. I do enjoy delivering on requests.

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