‘No horse meat in our school food’

West Sussex County Council is reassuring residents that beef-based meals provided by council suppliers have not been found to contain horse meat.

It comes in the wake of fresh concerns over the discovery of horse meat in more products sold in supermarkets around the country and parts of Europe.

Louise Goldsmith, Leader of West Sussex County Council, said: “We take this issue very seriously.

“We have been assured by our suppliers that the products used in our primary schools, special schools and Meals on Wheels services have not been affected by this. We will continue to monitor this situation closely.”

It has been reported that the Food Standards Agency (FSA) is planning to take samples from 28 local authorities.

West Sussex County Council has not been approached to take part in this testing process. The County Council also has no current plans to remove beef from the menu for primary school meals.

John Figgins, Catering Service Manager, said: “Beef is an important part of the school meal menu in our primary schools.

“It is a good source of iron and helps to provide a nutritional balance in our dishes.

“Chartwells, providers of hot meals to primary schools in the county, have assured us of their own supply chain.

“Their suppliers also undergo regular independent audits to ensure strict food quality and safety standards are upheld.

“Our secondary school contractor has sent a questionnaire to all its meat suppliers to ensure that they are adhering to specifications and to provide assurances about DNA testing and product specification.”

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