Johnny Ball goes back to school

Children’s TV presenter and mathematician Johnny Ball  enthused Year 5 and Year 6 pupils about maths and science at Billingshurst Primary School last Friday.

Children from St Mary’s Pulborough, Loxwood, Itchingfield, Slinfold, William Penn, Wisborough Green, Plaistow and Kirdford, Shipley, Rudgwick and Billingshurst primary schools were enthralled and inspired by Johnny as he took them through a journey including the maths of the pyramids, binary numbers and how they power computers, the link between square numbers and gravity as well as many amazing maths facts that helped children see the subject in a whole new light.

A pupil from William Penn School said: “Johnny Ball was mathstastic!  We had a fabulous time and he was really entertaining.”

Joshua Samain, Year 6 at Shipley Primary School, said: “I thought Johnny Ball was hilariously funny and extremely clever. I learnt a lot from him and it made me want to learn more maths. Even though I already enjoy maths I learnt that for every job in the world you need maths.”

It was also an exciting time for the adults present, who grew up watching Mr Ball host such programmes as Playschool, Playaway and Think of a Number. Many had been inspired by Johnny as children and we all thrilled to see him inspire a new generation.

Helen Williamson, headteacher at Billingshurst, said: “The whole school was buzzing with excitement both before and after the event, and not just the children – a lot of adults were thrilled to get his autograph!”

Simon Simmons, Headteacher at Itchingfield Primary said: “Johnny Ball’s Funtastic Maths session entertained and inspired students of all abilities. When the children returned to Itchingfield Primary school, they asked if they could learn more about binary numbers and parabolic curves.”

Sam Copus, deputy headteacher of St Mary’s, Pulborough, said: “Johnny Ball’s entertaining nature came across in a fun, interactive workshop that had the children completely enthralled. They came back to school inspired by his knowledge and practical examples.”

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  1. I remember being glued to the television when I was little watching Johnny Ball explain maths. I am glad a new generation is getting enthusiastic too.

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