Young and old get together at Millais School

The weather outside got colder but  inside Millais School was warm as pupils hosted a coffee morning for local senior citizens.

The 15 and 16-year-old girls arranged the event as part of their Citizenship GCSE coursework.

They decorated the school hall into a festive area where the guests could mingle, drink coffee, eat cakes and biscuits, and learn about the school. Visitors were also entertained by the school choir and young contemporary dancers.

Co-organiser Hannah Patchett, 15, said: “The aim of our coffee morning was to bring the community together, as well as break down some of the stereotypes that exist between young people and senior citizens.

“We organised and funded it all ourselves. We contacted local residential establishments, as well as inviting some of our own more elderly family members such as grandparents.”

Tasha Moore, 15, said: “I think the coffee morning went really well. We had a few technical difficulties, but we worked through it and our guests seemed to have a lovely time.”

Louise Bettis, head of activities at Westlake House in Horsham, told The District Post: “It was really nice to see the younger generation taking the time to think about the elderly. The day was organised very well and the residents enjoyed the entertainment.

“Having worked with the elderly for many years, I know that keeping residents of care homes in touch with the younger generations brings great joy and stimulation.

“The benefits gained from our visit are very difficult to measure, but the feel-good factor and the smiles that can be seen in the home over the following days are heartwarming.”

Guest Jean Moore said: “The young ladies who hosted the event were most welcoming, charming and had obviously gone to a great deal of trouble to ensure our enjoyment of the occasion.

“They were great representatives of the high standards Millais expects of their pupils and are a credit to the school.”

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