Ride your music with Audiosurf

I love listening to music. Services like Spotify make it easy for you to discover new music, but how cool would it be if your games involved your music that little more. Of course we have Guitar Hero with their ready made set lists, but Audiosurf for the PC can take any song you throw at it and create a rollercoaster ride out of in which you can play and collect blocks matching the tempo of the song.

This game is so simple, and because of that it only costs £10. It is absolutely brilliant and was so much better than I expected for the price. Slow songs are great for starting off with, allowing you to get used to the game without it being too fast or difficult. You move a spaceship along and depending on your game mode, collect coloured blocks for points. The more blocks you get in a row, the better your score, and your scores automatically enter the world high scores so you are always competing. If you are skilled enough (like me) to get on the top spot in the world for some of the songs, you will be notified via email if your trophy has been taken allowing you to get in there and do even better.

Fast songs are what make this game fun. Ones that start off slow and then blast into the song. The whole screen goes red, and the rollercoaster ride really begins, and you really do need some skill to surf that music properly.

This game is also hooked up with Steam, so as you play you unlock achievements and of course you can compete with your Steam friends. This game may not keep you occupied for as long as other games, but for a price of just £10 (Sometimes £5 in Steam sales) it is so worth it. Whenever you get a new song that you just love such as Gangnam Style, you can get on into the game and play that song, literally.

This game is similar to titles such as Guitar Hero and Rock Band in the way that it works with beautiful colours and an enjoyable visual experience. The highest graphic settings don’t require a high tech computer, and if you do struggle, the game looks good on the low graphics settings too.

The different game modes allow you to play in different ways. Some modes mean you collect all coloured blocks and must avoid the grey blocks so that you don’t lose your spree. Other game modes allow you to collect large amounts of the same colour to get those maximum points, but these do require a lot more skill, especially on the super-fast drum and bass songs.

Also, through Steam you are able to access Audiosurf Radio which is updated weekly with new songs for you to play and enjoy if you run out music on your computer to play with.

For the price and style of this game, it is worthy of a high rating. If you own a PC, check it out.

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