Game Review: Dishonored

I do like it when two great titles come together in a way an awesome game is created.

This game is created  by the same developers as Skyrim, which has proved a massive hit. The longevity of the game is something people love from a console game because we rarely get it, but of course in my opinion the game is always better on the PC.

You can see parts of Skyrim in how this game is structured. The graphics are similar, the way the characters move and attack is all the same as Skyrim, but you are an Assassin and have a range of abilities which opens up where Assassin’s Creed comes in.

Of course they are different developers, but you get the feel of that game in some parts and the way these two genres mix together is seamless. It creates a title that everyone loves, giving it an average review of 9/10 on the Top Gaming Review sites.

You have the ability to structure your character in the way you want to play. As you level up you can branch out in a tree of different skills. You won’t be able to get them all, but there is no harm in a second playthrough with a different approach.

The story goes that assassin’s come from the midst and kill a woman in front of you, then disappear leaving you as the only witness left to a dead body.

The guards are on to you and you have to find a way out and of course find justice for the person who died who was someone close as indicated by the first scene in the game. You’ll have to play to find out more.

One of my favourite abilities is Blink, which allows you to jump forward through space and get to those areas you’d usually be unable to get to in the game’s landscapes. Treasures are to be found in the most difficult places to get to.

Of course, Skyrim is quite a hard game and a mistake can lead to you being hunted and killed. The same applies to this game where you could find yourself under fire from a range of guards if you fail to sneak in the right places.

You can use violence, blades, guns if you wish, but at some points in the game it is clear to see where sneaking around and getting those silent blade kills may be the best approach to take.

There is also an achievement for being able to get through the entire game without alerting anyone.

All I can say to that one is Good Luck.

Overall this game is brilliant. It is seamless and you can really get lost in the game. That is something that deserves a high rating from myself.

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