Pupils enjoy using their French on school ‘trip’

Sixty children from local primary schools got a taste of France at Christ’s Hospital.

They learnt some Latin, Greek and French before part of the school was transformed into a French market, which children visited by going through Passport Control.

French teacher Mike Overend said: “For the afternoon of our ‘trip’ to France, our visitors really did have to communicate for themselves.

“The children used French they had learnt at school and practised with our teachers in a morning revision session.

“Answering questions at Passport Control, changing money into Euros and visiting a range of shops, our visitors really did have to survive on their own language resources. All of them had fun and gained enormously in confidence.

“It was also a great experience for our Year 9 pupils, who enjoyed the chance to use their own French.”

Classics teacher Ed Hatton said: “Our sixth-form students helped to organise the Latin and Greek part of the day.

“They enthused and encouraged primary school children in the areas covered, involving the etymology of English words and their roots in Latin, the Greek alphabet and the structure and composition of fables.

“All of the schools had a Latin motto composed for the occasion by Christ’s Hospital staff.”

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