Capitol technician ‘so excited’ about panto

It’s slap your thigh time for an actor from Horsham who’s landed a leading role in a Christmas pantomime.

Jack Lane, who works as a film technician at The Capitol, is now playing Peter Pan alongside Only Fools and Horses star John Challis as Hook, having received his ‘big break’ from the Middlesborough Theatre.

It’s not the first time the budding star has taken to the stage. He has previously played parts in Aladdin and the Wizard of Oz. He has also produced and starred in stage shows based on scripts from Steptoe and Son.

Now he will star in the family favourite having been given three months’ leave from bosses at the Horsham theatre where he works. His role has also seen him officially switching on the Christmas lights in Middlesborough.

Jack told The District Post: “I’m amazingly excited! I really wanted to work with John. I went to the auditions for the part in London and I just had a good feeling. And the next day, they called and offered me the part! I moved up a couple of weeks ago to start rehearsals.”

Jack added that a gig in panto is something of a right of passage for a rising star. “It’s one of those things us actors have to do. It’s a real learning curve because there’s so much interaction with the audience. It’s like our version of national service.”

Evidently, it’s also one the most physically demanding jobs an actor can get. Jack will frequently perform three shows, at 10am, 1pm and 7pm, in one day until the 49-show run finishes on January 6, 2013.

The actor has also had to learn a few new tricks as he’ll be spending much of the performance flying around with the likes of Tinkerbell and Wendy Darling. “I love Peter Pan. It’s such a great story, so there’s a lot of narrative. But yes, it does come with a fair bit of flying. So it will be a light Christmas dinner for me this year.”

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