Tory Katy Bourne is new PCC for Sussex

Conservative Katy Bourne has been elected the first Police and Crime Commissioner for Sussex.

Mrs Bourne polled 59,635 first-preference votes (31.5 per cent), ahead of Labour’s Godfrey Daniel 40,765 (21.5 per cent), Independent Ian Chisnall 38,930 (20.6 per cent), UKIP’s Tony Armstrong 29,327 (15.5 per cent) and Liberal Democrat David Rogers 20,579 (10.9 per cent).

As no candidate polled more than half of the first-choice votes, second preferences were also considered, with only Mrs Bourne and Labour’s Mr Daniel left in the race. This meant that 20,393 votes were added to Mrs Bourne’s total and 14,837 to Mr Daniel’s, giving the Tory candidate the edge by 80,028 to 55,602 overall.

In Horsham district, Mrs Bourne polled 6,324 first-preference votes (37.8 per cent), Mr Chisnall 3,556 (21.3 per cent), Mr Armstrong 2,618 (15.7 per cent), Mr Rogers 2,154 (12.9 per cent) and Mr Daniel 2,073 (12.4 per cent). A total of 2,066 second-preference votes in Horsham district were added to Mrs Bourne’s tally and 1,078 to Mr Daniel’s, while many voters did not specify a second choice.

The turnout in Sussex was only 15.8 per cent, including 16.9 per cent in Horsham district.

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