Pair jailed after jewellery raid in Horsham


Two men from Horsham have been jailed following a burglary at a shop in the town.

About £43,000-worth of jewellery was taken from Sakakini, in the Carfax, at about 11.20pm on July 18.

Jason O’Dwyer, 25, of Stans Way, was sentenced to 27 months for burglary plus nine months for breaching a suspended sentence, making a total of three years. Christopher Durkee, 28, of Pelham Court, the Bishopric, got eight months for handling stolen goods.

Both men were sentenced in Brighton after admitting the offences. O’Dwyer initially denied burglary but changed his plea to guilty. Durkee was initially charged with burglary, but that charge was dropped when O’Dwyer changed his plea.

The court heard that O’Dwyer had 24 previous convictions, including burglary, theft and criminal damage. Durkee had eight previous convictions, including robbery and an earlier burglary at Sakakini.

Shop owner Dominic Sakakini told The Resident: “The three years for O’Dwyer is great. I’m happy with that, but I’m disappointed with the eight months for Durkee because he burgled the shop about three years ago. Durkee is a seasoned criminal who played the system and put his hands up to handling stolen goods, not burglary.”

Det Con Rebecca Wilde said: “I am satisfied that both received custodial sentences for these offences.”

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