Shady Lady is British film-making at its best

Film review by Elliot Baker –

This lovingly and locally made docu-film tells the fascinating true tale of a World War II bombing mission gone wrong, and with meticulous attention to detail, excellent storytelling and tension so tight you have to hold your breath, Shady Lady is top class British film-making.

Shady Lady squeezes us into the cockpit of the eponymous long-range American bomber, on a perilous mission to destroy an enemy harbour. From the very start the tension builds as we learn that this would possibly be the longest bombing run in aviation history, and right on the limit of the Shady Lady’s fuel capacity.

The crew encounter severe setbacks and it becomes clear that, crucially, they will not have enough fuel to get back to base. What happens next is so astonishing that it is easy to forget that this is a true story; the crew have to decide whether to ditch the plane in the sea or gamble it all on an impossible landing in the Australian outback.

This is a remarkable tale of grit, courage and leadership, with a good ensemble cast and insightful narration, excellent score and some fine camera work. Director Tristan Loraine has created a compelling and inspiring drama, which would rival any Hollywood equivalent for excitement, quality and content. A terrific film, edge-of-the-seat stuff.

Shady Lady will be screening at The Capitol, Horsham from Friday, November 9, for one week.

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