The Forest School supports 4TheYouth

A fledgling charity is forging a new partnership with The Forest School to operate youth services.

4TheYouth was founded to help fill the gap created by cuts in West Sussex County Council’s youth services. Originally based at Horsham Youth Centre in Hurst Road, it has moved to Forest’s Youth Wing following a reorganisation of youth service sites.

Morwen Millson, a director of 4TheYouth, said: “The 4TheYouth directors are delighted to be working with The Forest School on this new venture.

“The school has taken over responsibility for the Youth Wing building and will be using the venue during the day for teaching and learning. However, it has a strong community ethos and is keen to ensure that the venue is available to the community outside of school hours.

“The school is being incredibly supportive. It is not only making the Youth Wing available at no charge for a start-up period for us to run two junior clubs, but also offering us a grant to operate a senior club on one evening a week. We are really excited at this prospect and are busy recruiting youth workers and volunteers to run the clubs.”

4TheYouth will run a Year 8 club on Monday evenings, a Year 7 club on Fridays and a senior club on Wednesdays. The two junior clubs started this week and the senior club is due to start on September 26 (7-9pm).

For more information, phone Dean Sweet on 07540 614355 or visit

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