Petition for action on Horsham speeding

Residents who fear someone will soon be killed by a speeding driver have submitted a petition to council chiefs.

Sarah Leadbetter, Scot Grant and Jo Grant are calling on West Sussex County Council to introduce traffic-calming measures or a 20 mph speed limit in part of Horsham, including Orchard Road, Bennetts Road and Depot Road.

Mrs Leadbetter, 53, of Orchard Road, handed a 217-signature petition to Cllr Brad Watson, chairman of the North Horsham county local committee, before a meeting this week.

She told the committee: “Orchard Road, Depot Road, the top of Highlands Road and Bennetts Road are long straight roads, allowing traffic to gather speed from top to bottom. Orchard Road has the nickname The Rat Run.

“On August 24, two cars were crashed into along Orchard Road, causing just under £13,000-worth of damage. Imagine if these cars had been a child or an elderly person. Other residents have also had damage done to their cars – some of which has been reported, some not.”

The issue will be discussed during a residents’ meeting in the Business Centre, The Forest School, on Tuesday, October 9 (6.30pm for 7.15pm). Anyone from the district is welcome to attend.

2 comments on “Petition for action on Horsham speeding

  1. We recently moved to Oakhill Road in Horsham in September this year which is in this district, from London and were shocked at the speed people drive at in this area, given it is a residential area with lots of young families and schools. We have two young children (aged 6 and 3) and moved to Horsham because it has such a good reputation for schools and being a family friendly environment, so we have been disappointed by the level of speeding in Oakhill Road. In London speeding restrictions such as road bumps, warning signs and 20 mile hour limits are very effective at slowing traffic down in residential areas with lots of school children.
    I hope the council listen to this petition because this issue is likely to put off other families moving to the area. We would be prepared to show our support and get involved with further action on this if it were to help the cause.

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