Older Horsham residents helped to stay active

Horsham District Council is supporting Age UK’s Pride of Place campaign, highlighting low-cost improvements that will enable older people to continue being active.

More than a quarter of Horsham district councillors have so far signed up as Pride of Place advocates, demonstrating their support for the campaign, while Cllr Kate Rowbottom has been appointed as the council’s Pride of Place champion.

Cllr Rowbottom said: “I am delighted to have been chosen for this role and hope to make a significant contribution by highlighting the needs and wishes of the elderly in the area.”

A council spokesman said: “As the number of local older people rises, it is important that as many people as possible keep active and are able to contribute to the local community for as long as they can. Horsham District Council is committed to improving communities for the older people in the district.

“For many older people, a lack of good-quality support within their community can act as a barrier that prevents them from being active locally. Small improvements can enable older people to continue being active for longer. The Pride of Place campaign recognises that councillors can bring co-ordination and leadership to understand people’s priorities and drive improvements forward.

“In addition to this councillor commitment, Horsham District Council hosts the Horsham District Wellbeing service. This provides advice, support and information on health and wellbeing issues which affect older people, including getting and staying social and active, and healthy weight and diet.”

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