Is Billingshurst nursery Top of the Pots?

A nursery is on a mission to help reduce landfill waste.

WAKOOS Nursery, in the Billingshurst Children and Families Centre, Station Road, is participating in the Activia Yogurt Brigade and the Top of the Pots Collection Contest.

Schools, charities and non-profit organisations will be collecting empty Danone Activia, Shape and Actimel yogurt containers until the end of October, with prizes of up to £200 for the top collectors. WAKOOS has collected more than 600 yogurt pots and bottles since joining the Activia Yogurt Brigade in December last year.

Nursery manager Veronica Sullivan said: “We ask that local people help us in our attempts to win the Top of the Pots Collection Contest and our overall fundraising while helping the local environment.”

Virginie Guise, Activia’s senior brand manager, said: “The Activia Yogurt Brigade is an innovative programme that helps reduce landfill. It is promising to see people take such an interest in protecting the environment and supporting great causes. We are encouraging schools, businesses and individuals to set up a collection point.”

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