20 mph limit ‘could help stop a tragedy in Horsham’

Residents who fear someone will soon be killed by a speeding driver have started a petition to council chiefs.

Sarah Leadbetter, Scot Grant and Jo Grant are calling on West Sussex County Council to introduce traffic-calming measures or a 20 mph speed limit in part of Horsham, including Orchard Road, Bennetts Road and Depot Road.

Mrs Leadbetter, 53, of Orchard Road, told The Resident: “For years, this area has been used as a race track on a Thursday evening, Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday. Cars have been destroyed, fences have been destroyed and bins have been knocked into the road. One resident actually downsized her car because a mirror got knocked off her last car. Another lady had someone drive through her fence into her garden because the driver was speeding.

“We now have a very young generation of children living in this area and it would only be a fate of God if no one got killed or injured. We also have a lot of the older generation in Orchard Road. I have talked to a lot of the residents and they all say the same – that on a weekend they lay in bed waiting for the screech of brakes.

“Residents around this area have said the situation has got worse, with a lot of residents putting in driveways to protect their cars. Of course, not everyone can do this.”

Mrs Leadbetter and Mrs Grant, who are going door-to-door with the petition, collected about 200 signatures in the first three days. Petition forms are available from One Stop in Station Road and the campaigners have also started a petition online.

A spokesman for West Sussex County Council told The Resident: “According to our records, between August 1, 2009, and July 31, 2012, there were two reported injury collisions on the roads you mention. Both were serious. One happened on Depot Road and the other on Orchard Road, at the junction with Oakhill Road.”

4 comments on “20 mph limit ‘could help stop a tragedy in Horsham’

  1. All residential roads should have speed bumps and a 20 mile an hour limit. As my mother would say “it’s a LIMIT! Not a TARGET!”

  2. This case could be argued for lots of roads and there are many similar roads in the area.
    Due to the ever increasing number of cars in each household (3-5 cars) there’s less space on the roads. The residential roads are narrow with parking both
    sides and it really is in the ‘lap of the gods’ that there aren’t more collisions.
    As I will always say, it’s a change in people’s attitudes and general driver behaviour that will lessen the issue. People drive way too fast & there’s always some clown that wants to go even faster than the driver in front…. so there’s your problem right there.
    Traffic calming would go some way to helping, but there’s hundreds of roads that need the same measures.

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