Mannings Heath resident is helping save lives

Horsham community responders hope other readers of The Resident will follow Ali Goss’ example by training to help save lives.

The newly-qualified community first responder (CFR) from Mannings Heath is ready to respond to emergency calls in her community. After a period of mentoring, she will deliver emergency treatment, use oxygen, administer basic drugs, stop patients from bleeding, apply burns dressings and use the defibrillator which is part of her CFR kit.

She said: “I first became keen on responding when I was ill following surgery 18 months ago and had to call an ambulance late one evening. Two Horsham community responders arrived at my house well ahead of the ambulance. Their support and presence reassured and helped me until the ambulance arrived.

“The training evenings and the three-day course I attended in Brighton were so well presented. They gave me not only the training I needed but the confidence in my ability and knowledge to go out there and become a member of the Horsham team. I am looking forward to attending my first call and also responding in my local community soon.”

Horsham Community Responders is a voluntary organisation which co-operates with the South East Coast Ambulance Service. Responders are ‘activated’ at the same time as an ambulance after a 999 call. So far this year, Horsham volunteers have responded to more than 200 emergency calls, including falls, minor illness, breathing difficulties, unconsciousness and cardiac arrests.

Team leader Marc Harrold said: “Most cardiac arrests happen at home or in the local community, so it is vital that community responders exist to support the work of the ambulance service. It is great that we have been able to train Ali in Mannings Heath and that she will be able to serve and be an asset to her local community.”

The team hopes to expand its coverage in Warnham and Mannings Heath. For more information, visit

For details of the neighbouring scheme in Southwater, visit

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