Future of Southwater library up for debate

Should Southwater library be reduced in size but stay open longer each week or left as it is?

The library opens for four hours a day, six days a week. West Sussex County Council wants to know if residents think it should open for 39 hours per week, not 24, but only on the ground floor instead of the ground and first floors.

Cllr Lionel Barnard, deputy leader of the county council, said: “We have been talking to Southwater Parish Council about this idea for some time. Relocating the library to just the ground floor would reduce the county council’s costs. This saving could be reinvested by the county council in staffing and the parish council could let out the first-floor rooms to recoup the reduced library costs.

“We have made it clear we intend to keep all community libraries open. We’re working with individual communities to find the most cost-effective way of doing this.”

County council and parish council representatives will answer questions in the library between 10am and 1pm on Friday, July 20. A consultation form is being published in the Southwater Parish Newsletter.

One comment on “Future of Southwater library up for debate

  1. The current opening hours are fine with me but I could work with any times that suit the majority. I am also happy with the library moving to the ground floor only so long that does not compromise the space allowed for adult fiction and non fiction books. I am retired and disabled and find having a library in southwater very useful. However my one gripe would be that a larger selection of books would be lovely as I am an avid reader and find the current choice of books limiting.

    jean sambrook

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