Campaign against plans for West Grinstead crematorium

Plans for a crematorium next to a restaurant have sparked opposition from people living in the area.

Peacebound Ltd has submitted plans to Horsham District Council for a site next to The Orchard, Cowfold Road, West Grinstead. The application includes 63 parking spaces and “upgraded access onto the A272, to be shared with the existing restaurant”.

Helen Tinner, from the No Crematorium group, told The Resident: “We will be objecting on a number of issues, notably the mercury pollution into the area and the traffic congestion along the A272 which is already a busy and dangerous commuter link.”

In a pro-forma letter to the council, protesters say: “I am writing to present my extreme concern regarding the outrageous proposal to build a crematorium in the wonderful surroundings of the Sussex countryside. I am one of many who love our countryside and cannot stand by to see it slowly being eroded.”

Campaigners say crematoria at Worthing and Worth are operating at less than 50 per cent capacity, the death rate is not changing and the number of cremations has declined by 19 per cent since 1985.

In September last year, the district council rejected Peacebound Ltd’s first application for the site.

David Chadburn, co-owner of The Orchard, said at the time that access to the restaurant would have improved and added: “We are probably the biggest employer in West Grinstead. This would have made us busier, so we could have employed more people.”

One comment on “Campaign against plans for West Grinstead crematorium

  1. I am a local and live in shermanbury and totally disagree with this aplication for a crematorium at west grinsted as it is not necessary. It will also not benerfit the area enough as the are the are other crematoriums near by. Also by aproving this aplication further beautiful local countryside will be destroyed.
    Also it will increase traffic in the area and since living in the area in 1967 the traffic has got incresing worse and locals do not wish for it to get even worse.

    Adam Wylie

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