Bishop of Horsham blesses Shipley garden

A peace garden at St Mary’s School, Shipley, was officially opened and blessed by Mark Sowerby, the Bishop of Horsham.

Decked with prayer flags, the quiet area with rainbow colours, benches and flowers was both the idea and creation of pupils. It was completed with the installation of two pupil-designed stained glass ‘windows’, featuring the six days of creation.

Head teacher Caitriona Bull said: “The children looked at other peace gardens and thought a lot of them were quite dull, so they wanted theirs to be bright and colourful.”

Helped by glass artist Chris Brown, from Hove, pupils recreated their designs by sticking crushed, chipped or rods of coloured glass onto clear glass ‘jigsaw’ pieces. These were fired to fuse the designs onto the base glass and leaded together into panels for framing and mounting in the garden.

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