Comedian John O’Sullivan cautioned for Facebook post

Controversial comedian John O’Sullivan got more than he bargained for – three hours in a police cell – after a risqué post on Facebook.

The self-styled Newsagent Provocateur took a photograph of a traffic warden in Horsham town centre, posted it online and offered £36 to anyone who “jumps on her back, spanks her and rides her like a horse”.

Speaking to The Resident from the south of France, Mr O’Sullivan said: “I heard rumours that I was going to be arrested, so I handed myself in at the police station. I was arrested in the foyer, which was nice. I asked if I could have a cigarette, but he said no.

“I was put in a cell for 2½ or three hours, where I had a lovely nap and read the Daily Telegraph, and I was cautioned. I’ve never had any dealings with the police before, but they were really nice to me and I’ve got no qualms about them.

“I know I can be a bit of a bugger at times, but I can’t believe it’s got this far. It was a spur of the moment, ridiculously unfunny joke. The council don’t see the funny side of anything I do.

“Obviously I don’t want people to jump on her back, spank her and ride her like a horse. If someone did jump on her back, spank her and ride her like a horse, they would have to be proper mental.

“I wouldn’t want any harm to come to her. I would be quite happy to meet her and apologise in person, and I will offer her two free tickets to my next show.

“I don’t do things for my personal perverted pleasure, I do things to make people laugh. It got a reaction with 250 ‘likes’ and 93 comments before it got pulled down 12 hours later.

“They can’t even throw Abu Hamza in jail and I get a caution! There are people on the internet writing the most vile, racist things and getting away with it, but here’s a balding, chubby comedian just writing about a traffic warden.”

Cllr Sue Rogers, Horsham District Council Cabinet member for safer and healthier communities, said: “Mr O’Sullivan’s actions were extremely offensive and entirely unjustified personal attacks on a council officer who undertakes an important and often challenging role on behalf of the local community.

“This type of bullying must not be tolerated. The police were right to take action against him and we will urge them to prosecute if anything similar happens again.”

A spokesman for Sussex Police said in a brief statement: “A 37-year-old man from Horsham was cautioned for causing alarm and distress by posting an abusive message online about an individual.”

5 comments on “Comedian John O’Sullivan cautioned for Facebook post

  1. Calling himself a comedian is the funniest thing I heard him say. The guy isn’t even remotely funny!
    I applaud the Council for sticking up for their staff!

    • sorry, have you ever actually spoken to him or seen him ‘in action’. I know John very well and he has never failed to make me laugh. Just because you arent amused by him doesnt mean he isnt funny. If he wasnt, how is he a successful comedian that has been on television and has been offically recognised as a local celebrity?

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